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I trust you had a good trip back north. Once again, on behalf of the firm, I want to thank-you for your excellent presentation. I can tell you that everyone in the office was extremely pleased with the talk and found it most enjoyable. I have also already passed on one of your cards to an attorney who expects to mention your presentation to some larger Boston law firms.

Personally, it resonated deeply with me and was at times quite touching. It is indeed all about the journey and the vision, and I am grateful that our journeys crossed this afternoon.


Charlmont Academy
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 19:52:59 -0500
To: Henry Barber
Subject: RE: Thanks

Henry: the kids really enjoyed your talk, as did I. I drove one of my advisees home last night and he said yours was his favorite presentation at school! I think your message about trying and failing, that accomplishment rather than achievement ought to be the focus of more of human endeavor, really resonated with me and my colleagues. Thank you for your positive, life-affirming message, Henry, and for the care with which you delivered it.


Thank you so much for what is now being considered the beautiful keynote address. Your words will stay with many of us forever.

Laura S.

I wanted to thank you once again for your wonderful presentation to the school last night, the kids have been talking about it all day today and still exploring the messages. Thank you so much,

Hi Henry
I really enjoyed our visit - you are certainly professional in your approach to speaking engagements. All your topics rang true and interesting.

Ann K. (speaker agent)

Hey Henry
Thanks again for such an awesome presentation last night. It was really inspiring and thought provoking. It really helped me to think about what my style is and what I want it to be. Hopefully we'll be able to have you come to Tufts in future years. Thanks. See you on the rock.

Keith Share

I think your speech at the Gathering was a home run. You obviously put a lot of thought into it. Chris Noonan told me you were contemplating it for quite awhile. It meant a lot to everyone present to have you describe not only why The Gunks and climbing at the Gunks is special, but that the community is the real difference.

Thanks again, Gene Smith

Anyways, let me say it again: amazing presentation! NUHOC is proposing for our next years budget in the coming weeks, if I can swing some extra to go towards a speaker I'll let you know!

Ben Hutt

Dear Henry,
I enjoyed the talk very much. It was great to see and hear about so many scenes from your life and to get a stronger sense of the continuity of dreams and ideals that runs through them all ...

I think you‚re right that visitors in other countries do have a responsibility to think about their impact, both in terms of the traces they leave and in terms of the influence they have ...

Katherine Ives Alpinist Magazine

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