Talk Themes

Tale of Two Climbs:

This talk is designed for school groups, middle school age and up. Please read the flyer Passion - Tale of Two Climbs. Main themes focus on learning from failure, overcoming adversity and building on success.
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Journey to The Soul:

When I started climbing near Aspen Colorado in 1968 I had no idea that the next nine years would be consumed by a passion so fierce that every waking moment would be focused on climbing. In 1977 I returned to this area and established climbs barefoot that would be among the hardest in the world. This talk is a journey on six continents and over 15 countries. The lessons that I learned would shape all aspects of my life. In the end we can do more with less; the freedom of expression and the sense of accomplishment is sweeter when all your experience is harnessed and technology is minimized.

This talk has been popular with climbing audiences worldwide. When customized to fit business audiences the messages resonate with law firms, and small businesses that struggle to do more with less in human and financial resources.
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World Ice:

This talk is for climbing audiences only. People are most impressed with the history and accomplishments of pioneering in modern day ice climbing. Straight shafted tools, no wrist loops and travel into the vertical world in Africa, Norway, Scotland, the US and the Soviet Union are highlights.

Corporate Talk Themes:

All corporate talk themes are customized to fit the audience. At the University of New York business school at Plattsburgh doing business in a world economy was the focus using climbing as a metaphor to illustrate how we fail and how we can succeed. At one law firm raising a business from the ashes (literally) connects the similarities of climbing and of a business planning and harnessing all the talent and expertise to overcome great obstacles.

Other topics have explored the relevance of grassroots marketing and walking the talk on environmental and green messages. Sales and management of people while risk taking prudently all with examples of my experiences as Director of North American Wholesale for Patagonia. I invite you to share your company experiences so that we design a talk that delivers a message for your current and future situation.