Communication Strategies for Sales People

  1. Planning the Season :
    This seminar combines communication with strategy for executing a successful season. We need some basic communication skills to accomplish this agenda. Time management both from planning and communication standpoint are integral components as well as developing strategies unique to each account and each period of the season. In today's world of increased expenses and time constraints on everyone this is important material for achieving results. We also challenge the 80/20 rule in this seminar. We can't break the bonds of it but we can insert business activities for smaller businesses where the image gain benefits the entire distribution.
  2. Advanced Communication Strategies :
    Is a one-day seminar that I give after the group has had one or two of the other seminars under their belt. This seminar deals with more difficult accounts that are larger or have layers of buyers. Determining what role the buyer and other key individuals play in the decision making process is the main focus of the seminar.