I have traveled to over 65 countries many of them multiple times, both professionally and pursuing interests climbing, skiing and fishing. As a climber establishing new routes in over 20 countries I am well known for my uncompromising style, which is meant to have the least impact on the rock and surrounding environs.

This resume encompasses examples from my business background that reflect a wide range of experiences and responsibilities balanced with sustained interest in environmental issues. In business my success is in bringing creative solutions to a customer or a problem by determining the parameters of the situation that need to be addressed and then working within limits that exist.

Under the umbrella of Mountain Ventures (incorporated 1975) I have had consultancy relationships with companies in the outdoor industry focusing on professional development, sales and marketing and at the same time have lectured in Australia, Europe, Japan and North America on various subjects.



1999 - 2009 Independent

1997 - 1999 Patagonia

1993 - 1997 Patagonia

1975 - 1993 Patagonia and Asolo Sales Representation