Beyond Bold

John Bachar
Peter Croft
Alex Lowe

HENRY BARBER >> Not only was "Hot" Henry simply climbing harder than anyone else in the 1970's, he was doing it in a style as pure as it was necky. His bold, brash manner often ignited resentment among area locals that Barber schooled, which only fueled his competitive drive to climb harder and bolder. His futuristic 1973 solo on-sight of the Steck-Salathé (V 5.9), for the time, was mind-blowing. In his prime, Barber climbed practically every day, raising standards all over the world. His trip to Elbsandstein in Germany in 1976 is remembered by locals as the time when the man with unshakeable confidence showed that even Americans can be bold. For more on Barber, see "10 Who Influenced," page 53

Charlie Fowler
Tobin Sorenson
Fritz Wiessner
Derek Hershey
Jim Beyer
George Lowe
Royal Robbins
John Bouchard
Mark Wilford
David Breashears

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